Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Paul's Twilight Zone

My friend Paul is definitely a weird dude sometimes. He is a great friend most of the time, but I always seem to be the one that calls him to talk or to set up hanging out.

He often makes remarks about me being a really good friend to him. He and I often talk about all sorts of things: finances, women problems, life in general, that sort of stuff.

He is one of the first to ask what is wrong with me when something is bothering me, but then when something is obviously wrong with him, he gets quiet. It's rough on me because he is a good friend and I hate seeing him upset about things.

He is really getting under my skin lately because he is worried about financial aid stuff for going back to school and he keeps going on and on about it. The part that pisses me off is that I went through exactly what he went through, but he won't let me help him. Paul keeps bringing up that it's bothering him in front of me. It's almost like a slap in the face.

He's a really good dude at heart, but geez Louise.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Long time no blog

I have been so busy these past several months.

So much has changed.

Friendships have evolved.

Friendships have changed.

I have gotten closer to some people.

I have realized that perhaps I am too close to some people.

The closer I let people get to me...the more it hurts when they are disrespectful or just flat out rude to me.

I try to be friends with everyone, but I realize that some people just aren't open to being nice back.

There are thoughts running through my head that have never been so powerful. Thoughts that an ordinary individual would be able to act upon with no hesitation. I think what I am fearful of is losing people that I care about. I've been hurt so often in the past and I have been trying to watch out for myself. I need to learn to take more risks.

I have realized that people say things that fuck with my emotions when they've been drinking.

Recently, I shared a lot of my feelings with a friend of mine that I hold in high regards. My friend told me that alcohol only gives people the courage to say things that they are feeling, but wouldn't normally be able to say.

So maybe what has come from this person's mouth is true...maybe I shouldn't take it with a grain a salt. It's tough for me to take something that makes me very happy lightly...regardless of if they've been drinking or not.

I don't know.

I'm just very confused right now.

But getting this much written down has made me feel somewhat better.

Thanks, Blog.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Weird weekend

A bazillion things took place this weekend that were not according to schedule...

I will list a few:

- I wasn't scheduled to perform at the theater at all this weekend, but Joe Jones had to back out of shows AND there were one or two more people who either had to cancel or couldn't make it. I volunteered to WORK as user at the theater for Noah Rosenberg, but Joe Jones asked me to play both shows so I ended up performing in both ComedySportz shows instead. Both shows went really well.

- Hardcore drug references during ComedySportz are normally few and far between, but John Reitz had a slip of the tongue during Five Things and instead of saying "I'm base-jumping," he said "I'm freebasing." The crowd couldn't stop laughing.

- I got extremely bored on Sunday morning and decided to call up my buddy, Chris, and we played World of Warcraft. I started a new character, a Night Elf Hunter named Hellmsley. Chris had never played a druid, thus started one and we quested together for a couple of hours and got our chgaracters to level 6 before stopping so I could watch the Panthers game.

- The Panthers jumped out to an early 14-0 lead with 2 quick TDs by Steve Smith. Unfortunately, the Texans offense played brilliantly and rallied back to win. Ahman Green tore through every possible hole in the Panthers' D. After being up 14-0 early, the Panthers seemed to be an entirely different football team. I don't think they sacked Schaub at all. The offense also couldn't get anything going. Yikes! What a mess. Better luck next week!

- Mike McCullough called me to play some doubles tennis last night. We met up with Richard Johnson and Doug Murphy. I hadn't seen Doug in almost a year. He and I played together in the Burlington city doubles tournament a couple of years ago and did really really really well. Doug is one of the most well known/respected police officers in Burlington and he always has crazy stories about raids, busts, or drunken Mexicans for us. Fun Fun!!!

- Since we, at the DSI Comedy Theater, lost our Theater manager, Kit FitzSimons and I are now producing the staff schedule. It's kinda rough being that no hardly anyone logs into our online system and fills out their availability. We got most of the schedule done last night, but we won't be able to finalize it until a few days from now. It'll get easier... I'm sure.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Awkward Dreams

Ever have a dream that seems extremely real then you wake up and wish it were reality?

Yeah, me neither.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Such a Wicked Game

Sitting at work today listening to my Yahoo Music Jukebox 90s station, Chris Isaak's Wicked Game began to play. Wow, hearing that song induced some weird-ass childhood memories.

I grew up in a with a fairly conservative upbringing. My mother decided that the video for Chris Isaak's Wicked Game was too racy for a young man that'd only lived on this Earth for a total of 12 years. MTV wasn't banned, but If she was in the room and that video came on, she'd switch the station.

I had a TV up in my room on the 2nd floor and I could watch the video all I wanted whilst inside. I had to keep the volume down fairly low so Mom wouldn't hear it, but it was all good. Nah'm Sayin' ?

Once, while sitting in my den and watching the local information channel, during the weather, they played a quick snippet of Wicked Game. Mom rushed in from the kitchen and accused me of switching the channel really quickly when I heard her running. I may not have gotten grounded, but I did receive a firm talking to about how I wasn't supposed to be watching that video at all and my TV priviledges would be taken away if she caught me watching that video ever again.

This also sparked my memories of all the crap I watched late night up in my room with the volume really low. Here's a quick list:

- Real Sex (HBO)
- Dream On (HBO)
- Zalman King's Red Shoe Diaries (Showtime)

Monday, August 27, 2007

This sucks balls!!!

So I'm going through financial records on Sunday... I realize that the DMV never sent me a renewal notice for this year.

I call them a few minutes ago and, after spending almost 20 minutes on hold, it turned out that I owe $290 dollars due to a late emissions inspection from 2006. Hmmmm... That's good to know.

So I have to pay $290.00 just to get this crap taken care of and then $30 bucks for the emissions test for 2007. I got my car's emissions test done last year, but it was a couple of months late and I don't mind paying some kind of fee for it being late, but $250 + late fees is a bit extreme!!!

This is money I don't technically have so I'm borrowing against my 401k to take care of it. The minimum amount of a 401k loan is $1,000. I'm doing that for a 2 year loan term. The interest is only like $97.00 so that isn't too bad.

I am going to pay that $290 crap off... then get my emissions/inspection done. I hate procrastinating so I am taking Wednesday off and get all this crap taken care of.

In related news...

SummerSlam Sucked!!!

Word on the street is that The Great Khali botched the ending to his match. Batista was supposed to win the title.

The Great Khali grabbed a chair and was probably supposed to let Batista catch it when he tried to hit him, but instead the ref saw Khali hit Batista with the chair. The Great Kahli was promptly disqualified, thus retaining the title.

I bet Vince is pissed!

John Cena has held his strap for way too long also. It was reported all over the internet that Randy Orton was scheduled to win the belt from Cena last night. I have a feeling the WWE intentionally changed the outcome of the match to keep spoiler sites guessing. It worked!

Rey Mysterio and Triple H both made their returns to the ring last night. Both have been out of wrestling to recover from injuries/surgery.

Triple H looked like he dropped some muscle mass, but he looked really great. Little Rey Rey on the other hand...yikes!

Mysterio looks like he probably gained 20 pounds. He still put on a great match against Chavo Guerrero.

You can really tell that the new WWE wellness program (IE zero steroid tolerance policy) has set in. Bigger, more muscular guys keep getting smaller and smaller.

RAW ought to be interesting tonight.

Okay, I'm done nerding it up for today, but never fear! I'll blog again soon.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Superbad and other stuff

I went to see Superbad last night with several members of the DSI contingent. Such a good movie. I haven't laughed that hard at a movie since knocked up. As much as I hate to admit this...I agree with Jeremy Griffin... "Superbad > Knocked Up."

ComedySportz went really well this past weekend. This was the first time I had an opportunity to play Five Things with Joe Stanton. He was phenominal as guesser!

Most people won't find this funny at all but if you've ever seen a ComedySportz show, you just might... Ryan "The Anvil" Blackledge, fresh out of LASIK surgery, asked for the usual suggestion of something "bigger than a breadbox." The audience member said, "Um, a bread factory." Maybe not Comedy Gold, but at least Comedy Silver. It kinda became our theme for the night. Fun Fun!!!

The last time some of the newer cast members played "Da Doo Run" it was apparent that they didn't know how to play the game properly. I ran a quick review of the game in the green room prior to the show and that game ran smoothly during the show.

We played "My Movie" for the second time during a live show. The audience seems to really like the game and I think it will become a permanent part of our games arsenal.

Ummm...I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I got a groaner foul before the show technically started. I know what you're thinking, "No. Tommy never gets groaner fouls. I call shenanigans!" Well, a member of the audience actually had "a favorite piece of legislation from the Taft administration:" Anti-Trust. I began to giggle a bit on stage and Ryan turned and asked if I was okay. I said that "Anti-Trust was a great movie." The audience groaned. HA! Ryan Phillipe was amazing in Anti-Trust!

I am almost through with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It is soooooooo good. I hope it ends well. I should be finished by the time I got to bed tonight...I'm on page 605 now I think. I went homw to read during lunch today... Me = Nerd!